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Mr. William Norkunas began his work many long years before there was an “Americans with Disabilities Act."

As a former March of Dimes Polio Poster Child, Bill has first-hand experience, the knowledge, and a real world education on man-made barriers—the obstructions that prevent individuals with disabilities from moving freely in a seemingly endless world of barriers.

Bill Norkunas carrying the Olypmic Torch

Bill's higher education includes a business major at Merrimack College, attending Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, and the University of Wisconsin’s College of Engineering. His personal experiences, along with his education, allow Bill to better understand what the A.D.A. means and requires for business. It also provides him with technical insight and understanding design and the construction costs associated with A.D.A. barrier removal.

Today, many local, county, and state governments, as well as the Federal government, recognize Bill as an expert in Title II and Title III of the A.D.A. He is certified as an expert witness by the Federal Courts on A.D.A. matters.

Bill is continually called upon to bring an understanding of A.D.A. compliance requirements to a myriad of projects including small businesses and multimillion dollar corporations, local, county and state government facilities—including parks, monuments, and landmarks. He is directly involved in A.D.A. compliance projects for hotels, motels, theaters, and sports facilities.

Bill has personally conducted in excess of three thousand five hundred (3,500) A.D.A. Barrier Removal Surveys in multiple areas of the country, and is an active participant in state and national A.D.A. workshops and seminars. He is also a regular contributor to the print and television media with regard to disability issues throughout all areas of the United States.

In simplified terms, the very complicated A.D.A. law was passed by the U.S. Congress for several basic reasons. One, equality for all P.W.D.'s (Persons With Disabilities) and two, to make businesses and local and state government facilities in the United States more accessible to qualified individuals with a disability.

This federal law requires the removal of architectural barriers that make a facility inaccessible to anyone with a qualified disability. The A.D.A. affects a broad sweep of retail, service, and professional businesses. Also, indoor & outdoor sport facilities, and all local & state government programs, buildings, parks, and even historic landmarks.

Everyone is subject under this law.

If you are wondering if your business is included in this law, contact us. We can provide you with the information and expertise needed.


It is important to understand what A.D.A. can do for your business, but better yet understand and recognize the financial rewards and precautions.

Should your business not be A.D.A. compliant, you are inviting a lawsuit. Not complying with this law opens your front door to a myriad of unpleasant and expensive situations—none of which you, or most anyone can afford.

ADAhelp can efficiently and professionally help you become compliant so you can avoid, and sometimes even stop some legal actions that may now be in progress. We know the Regulations and Requirements of the A.D.A. We specialize and consult in A.D.A. because our founder and CEO of ADAhelp, Inc., Mr. William Norkunas (once chosen as the "March of Dimes Polio Poster Child") has year's of first-hand experience in facing the world of barriers.

ADAhelp is the nation's recognized specialist in the A.D.A. We know all the complex legalities of the A.D.A. from years of experience. We will save you from making unnecessary or incorrect code changes due to unreliable or inaccurate information.